Our Story

A group of young Ghanaian tech professionals, an experienced banker, a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished software designer/entrepreneur started conversations concerning the possibilities of deploying tech solutions for the agricultural, financial and other segments of African economies. In some sectors of African life, generic tech solutions have been propounded but most are western oriented and are not tailored to the peculiarities and demands of the African condition.

In agriculture for example, lack of reliable and comprehensive data to help farmers, commodity buyers, investors and other key players, has limited the potential of the sector.

Within the last five years, ICT tools have began to unleash the possibilities in certain African businesses. The proliferations of mobile phones and increasing Internet coverage have led to a growth in opportunities and solutions.

The conversations by our key people and the sharing of ideas led to suggestions of potential solutions. Out of the synergy of ideas, Digital Innova was born.


No matter how complex the challenges we take on, we seek to design solutions that are elegantly simple and effective in application.



To provide simple technology tools with the potential to facilitate and transform businesses and lives in Africa



Through the provision of cutting edge technology tools, Digital Innova Africa will become the leading Technology solutions provider on the continent within our sectors of operations by 2026.